Marino Oxford Dress Shoes for Men – Formal Leather Shoes – Casual Classic Mens Shoes – Black – Cap-Toe – 10.5 D(M) US

The Fashion Statement
Fashion like a Marino Style gentleman. The Marino Avenue Leather Dress Shoes will give you the polish you need for any occasion, such as, business meetings, parties or just a night out.

Sleek Fit
With a sleek and classy fit, you’re bound to steal the show! The Marino Avenue leather dress shoes fit perfectly sleek and looks amazing on practically any size. No more loose backs and wide sides. Comes in half sizes for a better fit.

Genuine leather
Marino Avenue provides only the best once again. Made of the finest top quality 100% genuine leather, Marino Avenue Dress Shoes won’t tear or scuff up on you. The strong rubber sole wont scrape off the bottom and prevents embarrassing slips while you’re out.

Comfort in a Dress Shoe
Meet the Marino Avenue Dress Shoe and experience perfect comfort in a dress shoe. Leave sacrificing comfort for beauty for the past. Marino Avenue ensures you look like a proper gentleman while your feet celebrate with thanks.

Loyal Service
We strive toward our mission for ultimate customer satisfaction. The Marino passion is to provide our customers with a most pleasant experience. Our 45 days return policy, with an addition of 180 days warranty, enables you to purchase risk free!

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3 thoughts on “Marino Oxford Dress Shoes for Men – Formal Leather Shoes – Casual Classic Mens Shoes – Black – Cap-Toe – 10.5 D(M) US

  1. Great Dressy-Looking Walking Shoe These Marino Oxfords are great! I ended up buying in both black and tan. I found them while searching for dress shoes I could walk in during lunch each day. My Amazon search results for “mens dress walking shoes” included these. I found nothing in their description that made me think they were good for walking, but figured I’d give them a shot. I wouldn’t recommend them for running a marathon, but if you want something that has a business look, but you can walk a mile or so in at lunch…

  2. Comfortable and Stylish Let me start out by saying the size runs just a little too big. I put in a heel-only insert which fixed the problem. Now they fit perfectly. Something I didn’t think I’d like at first is the bumpy rubber material inside the shoe under the ball of the foot and the toes. It turns out it makes extended periods of time walking very comfortable. I’ve never had this in a shoe before and I wish I could have it in all my shoes.The packaging from Marino Avenue is very nice. A solid box with…

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